Taiwanese authorities have promised to give priority to the production of auto components

As reported Reuters, the situation with the shortage of semiconductor components has reached the government level, and now Germany, Japan and Taiwan are jointly trying to speed up the solution of this problem.

Image source: Reuters

At the very least, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economy has assured that TSMC will continue to prioritize the production of chips for the automotive industry. The company’s revenue in this area in the fourth quarter grew by 27% in sequential comparison, but in total it still corresponded to only 3% of all TSMC’s revenue.

As specified, TSMC is ready not only to optimize the load of existing production lines to increase the production of automotive electronics, but also to transfer some of these products to more advanced technical processes. As a rule, chips for automotive systems do not require advanced technical processes. Diplomatic channels of the USA, Germany and Japan are involved in negotiations with TSMC.