Taringa social network users! can earn DAI tokens

Taringa social network users! can earn DAI tokens

Large Latin American social network Taringa! announced the launch of a program to encourage users to create content, under which it will pay awards in steyblkoine DAI.

Thanks to the partnership with MakerDAO and Artm wallet, 27 million Taringa users! will be able to earn on creating high-quality content. Authors of popular videos and texts will be encouraged with special points that can be converted into DAI tokens.

Social network Taringa! enjoys many users from countries suffering from financial crisis and hyperinflation, for example, Argentina and Venezuela.

Cryptocurrency wallet Airtm allows you to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat wallet, which facilitates the conversion of tokens and the use of earned money in real life. Airtm representatives stressed that the use of decentralized solutions for financial services is very important in the Latin American regional context.

Taringa! has added
Bitcoin support back in 2015. Users still had the opportunity to pay for content using cryptocurrency.