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You have to register on an unreliable site or forum that you will flood with advertising it’s spam? Do you need to receive a message in a relatively short time just to activate an account?

Nothing easier, thanks to email temporenee which expire after a short time and do not need to be registered!


The site reported in the article is unfortunately no longer available. To know everything about anti-spam and temporary mail services, the new article is available: 23 Temporary Mail Services.

One of the best and most useful web services you can think of can be found on the website www.spaml.com (to always have in the bookmarks).

The site in question generates a temporary email as soon as you visit the page and automatically updates itself thanks to AJAX technology to check for new messages.
In clipboard you will find the temporary email to communicate, so as to easily bring it pasted on a site and you can possibly customize it to use the your name instead of a causal number (in the proposed example there is giardini@spaml.com, initially the email was ibto3fdyh7@spaml.com).
Once you have received the email, you can close the page without worrying about anything at all. To try!

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