Test – Antec EarthWatts Gold Pro 550 |Specs | Price

Test – Antec EarthWatts Gold Pro 550
| Specs | Price


Hi everyone!

It had been a while since there had been an Antec product test at Conseil Config, the brand is back today with the test of their latest power supply, the EarthWatts Gold Pro 550! The EarthWatts series is clearly not recent, the first models were based on a Seasonic S12-II platform and had excellent value for money at the time. On the program, a semi-modular power supply, 80Plus Gold certified and accompanied by a 7-year warranty. There are 3 variations, ranging from 550 to 750 Watts, the test model will be the “small” 550 Watts.
Where the brand has decided to strike hard is at the price level, as I said previously the Antec EarthWatts Gold Pro 550 is available at a price of around 80 €, which can clearly be interesting if the tests are conclusive.

Unpacking and bundle

The box is very sober, with a photo of the beast on the front accompanied of course by the name of the model, the logo of the mark as well as a small list of the strong points, like the certification 80Plus Gold, the high-end capacitors and the semi-modular cables.
At the back there is another listing of strengths in 4 different languages ​​as well as a performance table and another of ventilation management. We learn for example that the fan will remain at around 500 RPM up to 70% load, which should logically if this is respected ensure the lowest sound level.

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On the side a table showing the distribution of the power is present as well as the number of connectors available, at least the possible buyer knows what we are talking about 😉

Inside the box we are greeted by a bag containing the modular cables placed on the power supply unit well surrounded by bubble wrap which should hold the shock of the trip.

The bundle is very basic, with the manual and a warranty sheet as well as a power cord and the screws necessary for assembly. Considering the price of the beast there is not really much to complain about anyway, a power supply does not need unnecessary accessories