Test – Crucial Ballistix Tactical DDR4 2 x 8 Go 2666 MHz |Specs | CPU | Hashrate

Test – Crucial Ballistix Tactical DDR4 2 x 8 Go 2666 MHz
| Specs | Price

Hi all!

We return to Crucial today for a new memory test, this time with the Ballistix Tactical range, which is the mid-range of what we find in the brand, above “Sport” and below. of “Elite”. Today’s test kit is made up of two 8 GB DDR4 strips operating at a frequency of 2666 MHz, enough to satisfy a very large number of users, whether “gamers” or even people looking to have a little more performance for heavy work.
Offered at a price of just under € 90 the Ballistix Tactical 2 x 8 GB 2666 MHz follow the trend of the big drop in the price of DDR4, and that’s not bad! Let’s see what she’s got in her stomach.

Crucial Ballistix Tactical DDR4 2 x 8 Go 2666 MHz
Model reference BLT2C8G4D26AFTA
Type of memory DDR4
Number of bars 2
Total capacity 16 Go
Heat sink Ballistix Tactical gris
SPD speed 2400 MHz
SPD latency 16-16-16-39
Tension SPD 1.2V
Speed ​​tested 2666 MHz
Latency tested 16-17-17-36
Voltage tested 1.2V
Performance profile XMP 2.0
Guarantee Limited lifetime
Price ~ 90€
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Today’s test kit is therefore composed of 2 strips of 8 GB each for a total of 16 GB operating in “Dual Channel”, the heatsinks are gray in color and unlike what can be found on “Sport” models there is for the moment no choice of colors, not that it changes anything anyway except for those who like to have a dominant color in their PC!
As the Crucial DDR4 memories tested previously, the brand ignores the 2133 MHz frequency, indeed from the first start-up the kit will be recognized operating at a frequency of 2400 MHz for timings of 16-16-16-39 with a voltage of 1.2V is already a good starting point. Once the XMP 2.0 profile is activated, the memory reaches the frequency for which it is sold, namely 2666 MHz for timings of 16-17-17-36, always remaining at a voltage of 1.2V.
As we can see the price of DDR4 has melted like snow in the sun since my last Crucial memory test, when we could find at around 150 € a 2 x 8 GB 2400 MHz kit in December 2015 the Tacticals can here be found at around € 90, potential buyers can rejoice!

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The box of the kit from Crucial is very basic, in fact we are entitled to a transparent plastic box equipped with a label in the left corner which indicates the amount of memory, the voltage and the frequency. It contains the amount of memory, the number of modules, the frequency, the voltage as well as the serial numbers. We can’t say that Crucial is doing extravagance, but this is a memory kit, it is hard to blame them.


At the rear nothing exceptional once again, only a small description of each memory model in the Ballistix range, we learn that the “Sport” (therefore the memory of this test) are intended for the general public and “gamers. “,” Tactical “are intended for enthusiasts (with improved speeds and latencies) and” Elite “are logically for high-end kits with selected components and advanced settings. To summarize, we learn that today’s kit is a mid-range kit that can satisfy both players and those who want to have a little under the hood to overclock in good conditions.

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Here are the beasts! Crucial has placed anthracite gray radiators on the bars, which are more sought after than those found in the “Sport” range, which may perhaps play a role in the choice of some, even if this ultimately has no impact on performance, radiators being more of an aesthetic advantage than anything else as long as extensive overclocking is not applied. Regarding the radiators, they always protrude about 0.7 cm from the PCB to reach a height of about 3.7 cm from the bottom of the connector to the top of the radiators, this is not huge but you will have to be careful with some coolers that risk to pose a problem.
On the radiators are various stickers showing the model, the timings as well as the voltage applied so that there will be no need to plug in to know all the information.
The build quality is excellent as usual, there is really nothing to complain about.

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Note that unlike DDR3 DDR4 strips do not have a straight PCB at the pins, in the center the pins are longer than at the sides, there may be a practical reason for this, such as a drop of the breakage during the installation, I could not say!