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Test – Kingston HyperX 3K 240 Go
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Hi all!

We are continuing the tests of Kingston products, which we no longer present, by an SSD, the HyperX 3K 240GB! This series was born in 2012 and had excellent feedback everywhere, moreover we now know that it is reliable after its 3 years on the market, does it still hold up in 2015? This is what we will see!

Model name SH103S3 / 240G (Disc only)
SH103S3B / 240G (With update kit)
Capacity 240 Go
Format 2.5″
Dimensions 100 x 69.85 x 9.5 mm
Weight 97 g
Interface Sata 3.0
Controller SandForce® SF-2281
Nand Intel 29F16B08CCME3 25nm
Sequential Read Up to 555 MB / s
Sequential Write Up to 510 MB / s
Shuffle playback Up to 86,000 IOPS
Random writing Up to 69,000 IOPS
Consumption 1.58 Watts max (write)
2.11 Watts max (lecture)
Operating temperatures 0°C ~ 70°C
MTBF 1,000,000 hours
Guarantee 3 years
Price ~ 120€
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As we can see the Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB is a 2.5 ″ SSD but differs from other SSDs on the market with a greater thickness, in fact generally we are on 6.8mm while in the case of the HyperX 3K Kingston made the choice of 9.5mm, which could cause some problems if it is installed in a laptop PC, the weight is also heavier than the others with 97 grams.
Memory is entrusted to Intel and its 25 nm chips which have proven their worth over the past few years, the Sandforce SF-2281 controller is responsible for making all these beautiful people work.
In terms of theoretical performance it has nothing to envy more recent SSDs, with 555 MB / s in reading and 510 MB / s in writing, it should perform very well, if this is true in practice! The operating temperatures range from 0 ° to 70 ° which should not be a problem for almost the entire population, unless you have your PC outside in the snow!
With an MTBF of 1 million hours (114 years) the reliability announced is very good, despite the warranty of only 3 years, the feedback from users having this SSD for a few years is however rather encouraging. Offered at around 120 € (for the “bare” version) it is however more expensive than entry-level SSDs (such as the Crucial MX100 for example), let’s see if it deserves its price.

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The version received for the test is equipped with the update kit, so a larger box. The box is made of cardboard which immediately gives a high-end impression, we find a photo of the HyperX 3K, the capacity, the name of the model, the maximum theoretical flow rates as well as the mention of the Sandforce controller and the warranty. of 3 years.


At the back we find a listing of the contents of the box, the capacity and the model, nothing very exciting!


When opening the box we fall directly on the SSD, in its foam which will protect the precious from the vagaries of transport.


Under the foam the driver / software CD as well as a HyperX sticker for those who want to display the thing on their PC.


Underneath there is a screwdriver as well as a 2.5 ″ USB 3.0 external box, Kingston does not do things by halves for the version with update kit.

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The bundle consists of:

  • 1 SSD Kingston Hyperx 3K 240 Go
  • 1 CD de drivers
  • 1 adapter 2.5 ″ -> 3.5 ″
  • 1 external 2.5 ″ USB 3.0 box + its cable
  • 1 cable Sata 6Gb / s
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 HyperX sticker
  • The necessary screws

As we can see there is really everything to install the SSD in good conditions, a Sata cable if there is not one available, a 2.5 ″ external box in case you need to copy data, a 2.5 adapter ″ To 3.5 ″ etc. Things are clearly not done by halves.


The 2.5 ″ external case hides its USB 3.0 cable inside. The facade bears the effigy of the SSd itself.


The screwdriver comes with 3 different bits, 2 cruciform and 1 flat, it can always be used!


Here is the beast! An aluminum plate with only a HyperX as well as a small Kingston at the bottom right, the design is rather aggressive, if we can qualify an SSD as aggressive 😉

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At the back we find a small label where we find the serial number, the model as well as the capacity. The carcass is made of metal and therefore very sturdy, good luck folding it!
The build quality is therefore really very good for the HyperX 3K, although its thickness is larger than average, its 97 grams helping the feeling of solidity.

The test setup


The configuration used during the tests is as follows:

  • Processor: Intel Core i4670K @ 4 Ghz
  • Ventirad Processor: Noctua NH-D15
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87-UD5 TH
  • Graphic card: XFX 7870 Black edition
  • Ventirad Graphics Card: Accelero S1 rev B + 2 Noctua NF-F12
  • Memory: Kingston Beast 4 x 8 Go 1866Mhz
  • SSD: Intel Postville X25-M 80Go (OS)
  • Food: be quiet! E9 580CM
  • Operating system: Windows 8.1 64bits

The Kingston HyperX 240 GB will be tested against the SSDs I have at my disposal, i.e. a Samsung 830 128 GB, an AMD R7 240 GB (tested here), Plextor M6S 256 GB (tested here), Plextor M6e 128 GB (tested here) and the Plextor M6 Pro 256 GB (tested here)!

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The software used is as follows:

  • ATTO Disk Benchmark (downloadable here)
  • AS SSD Benchmark (downloadable here)
  • CrystalDiskMark (downloadable here)
  • HD Tune Pro (downloadable here)
  • Futuremark PCMark 8 (downloadable here)

ATTO Disk Benchmark


Under ATTO and reading the Kingston HyperX 3K 240 GB obtains good results, without reaching the level of a Plextor M6 Pro for example on small files it still reaches a maximum speed of 550 MB / s, nothing that is not a real brake when used in a conventional desktop PC.


In writing the results are excellent, especially for large files with a maximum speed of 530 MB / s, it also defends itself very well when it comes to writing small files, but does not reach the level of a Plextor M6 Pro once again, considering the age of the SSD these results are very good and will not restrict any configuration once again (as long as it is not a question of installing it in a very busy server).

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Under AS SSD the Kingston HyperX 3K once again defends itself very well, with a maximum reading speed of 488 MB / s and a latency of 0.099 ms. In writing, on the other hand, and as this is uncompressed data, it is slightly behind the other SSDs in the comparison with a maximum of 310 MB / s for a latency of 0.16ms, nothing that is ultimately visible at the naked eye in everyday use again.



CrystalDiskMark shows identical results to AS SSD, namely good read performance with a maximum of 462MB / s and 327.6MB / s write. The performance on small files here is very good, reaching the level of the Plextor M6 Pro which is the fastest in this exercise!

HD Tune Pro


With an average of 355.4 MB / s in reading and 334.1 MB / s in writing, the Kingston HyperX 3K shows results slightly behind the other SSDs in the comparison without being dropped, the dean is still able to keep up!

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Futuremark PCMARK 8


Futuremark PCMark 8 AMD R7 240 Go Plextor M6S 256 Go Samsung 830 128 Go Plextor M6e 128 Go Plextor M6 Pro 256 Go Kingston HyperX 3K 240 Go
Score 4924 4954 4927 4973 4968 4938
Bandwidth 207.9 Mo / s 240.46 Mo / s 210.96 Mo / s 267.09 Mo / s 255.08 Mo / s 223.85 Mo / s
Adobe Photoshop light 115 s 114.8 s 114.7 s 114.1 s 114.3 s 115.8 s
Adobe Photoshop heavy 359.4 s 362.8 s 363.5 s 362.1 s 361.3 s 368 s
Adobe InDesign 58 s 57.9 s 58.4 s 57.7 s 57.5 s 58.1 s
Adobe After Effects 71.3 s 70.8 s 71.1 s 70.6 s 70.7 s 71 s
Adobe Illustrator 72.6 s 72.1 s 72.5 s 71.9 s 71.9 s 72.2 s
Microsoft Word 28.5 s 28.3 s 28.4 s 28.2 s 28.3 s 28.5 s
Microsoft Excel 9.4 s 9.2 s 9.3 s 9.2 s 9.2 s 9.2 s
Microsoft PowerPoint 9.3 s 9.2 s 9.3 s 9.2 s 9.2 s 9.2 s
Battlefield 3 134.5 s 133.7 s 134.4 s 133.2 s 133.3 s 134 s
Word of Warcraft 58.9 s 58.3 s 58.7 s 58.2 s 58.3 s 58.1 s
Total duration 1h 8min 56s 1h 6min 1s 1h 7min 30s 1h 8min 1s 1h 3min 46s 1h 9min 10s
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As we can see the results of the SSDs are all very close, PCMARK8 simulates everyday scenarios and we can say that the Kingston HyperX 3K 240 GB does not cut a pale figure! Indeed the theoretical benchmarks are good but in the end and as I always say in use there will be really very little difference between all the SSDs on the market, the HyperX is no exception and offers similar performance. to everyone else.

Practical tests

Let’s move on to the practice tests now! For this I will use 2 scenarios, a copy of a 14.1 GB directory made up of 88 Folders and 12,647 files of various sizes and a copy of a single 15.3 GB file.
The source files are first copied to a RAMDisk (more information here) and then sent to the different SSDs, in this way there will logically be no clamping at the source level.


Once again the Kingston HyperX 3K defends itself very well, the copies are however a little slower than the other SSDs but it is played in a few seconds, they are all very close.

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Here we are at the end of this test, what about the Kingston HyperX 3K 240 GB?
As I have said several times the HyperX 3K is now a fairly old SSD (and should be replaced soon) but the goal of this article was precisely to see how it is positioned against more recent competitors, in other words even if ‘ it does not shine compared to the others it still holds the road perfectly, especially during classic use as part of a desktop PC (the benchmarks are not a reflection of this, but just indicators)!
For “gaming” use, what Kingston dedicates this SSD to, there will really be no difference with another more recent SSD, at least with the naked eye and it will be able to launch games or load cards while as quickly as any of its congeners.
Offered at a price of around 120 € it is a little more expensive than entry-level SSDs but its 3 years of good and loyal service have forged an excellent reputation in terms of reliability, 3 years is also the duration of the warranty which could have been extended to 5 years.
In the end, the Kingston HyperX 3K 240 GB remains an excellent SSD, even if a bit behind in performance, but it remains an excellent choice for a “gamer” or office configuration, a safe bet.

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The +

  • Performances
  • MLC memory
  • Build quality

Many thanks to Kingston for allowing me to do this test.

Where to find the Kingston HyperX 240 GB?

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