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Test – Lamptron FC5 v3
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Hi everyone!

First test of a brand little known in France specializing in accessories for boxes and more particularly rheobus, I named Lamptron! The brand makes a point of offering high-end products designed for the most demanding. I am going to present a rheobus soberly named FC5, in version 3. On the program front in brushed aluminum, 6 channels, 6 temperature probes, 16 different colors for the screen as well as the display of RPMs, voltages and temperatures. Offered at a recommended price of € 69.99 including VAT (when it is available) the FC5 v3 is not cheap but the brand attacks those who swear by quality products, let’s see if the bet is successful!

Lamptron FC5 v3
Dimensions 148,5 (L) x 42 (H) x 63 (P) mm
Fan voltage control range 0 ~ 12V
Fan rotation speed 0 – 9990 RPM
Maximum power per channel 30 Watts
Number of controllable channels 6
Number of temperature probes 6
Food Molex
Display 16 colors
Complementary functionalities Alarms in the event of non-start of one or more fans (3 settings)
Starting the fans in 12V when the pc is switched on (can be deactivated)
Braided cables
Rate 69.99€ TTC
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The dimensions of the beast are very classic, namely 14.85 cm wide by 4.2 cm high (a 5.25 ″ location therefore) and a depth of 6.3 cm, it will fit into any box with a 5.25 ″ location. free. There are 6 3-pin channels (but possibility of connecting 4-pin fans) capable of supplying between 0 and 12 V for a maximum of 30 Watt, which is quite rare when we see that almost all rheobus on the market is satisfied with 5V as a minimum, stopping the fan (s) is therefore quite possible. Each channel is accompanied by a temperature sensor, so it will be possible to see the temperature of each component that you want (processor, motherboard, HDD, SSD, ambient temperature of the box why not ..). The feeding of the beast is done via a molex connector, a pity not to have changed for Sata which would very probably have removed the need to have a cable from the power supply only for the FC5 v3.
In addition to this Lamptron has added some little extras, such as alarms (if one or more fans do not work even with a voltage of more than 7V or if a temperature shows more than 85 °) adjustable on 4 or 6 channels, a feature allowing the fans to start for a short time at 12V when the PC is switched on (can be deactivated) in order to be sure that all the fans start up even if they are supplied at a low voltage as well as all the fan cables braided.

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The front of the box show the front of the rheobus accompanied by all the available colors of the display, of course the logo of the brand as well as the model are also present. At the back a table of technical characteristics is present as well as a listing of the main strong points and the contents of the box.


The contents of the box are completely surrounded by foam, so the transport should go smoothly, a good point, no one wants to unpack a damaged product due to insufficient protection!


The bundle consists of:

  • 1 x Lamptron FC5 v3
  • 1 x manuel
  • 1 x cloth
  • 1 x braided molex extension
  • 6 x 3-pin braided extensions
  • 6 x temperature probes
  • 4 x screws

As we can see the bundle is very well stocked, all possible cables are braided and very good quality, on top of that Lamptron added a small soft cloth to clean as needed for the big screen.


Here is the beast! As we can see the screen takes a good part of the rheobus, below it the 6 knobs to adjust the fans. The brushed aluminum part is very well done and this gives a very appreciable high-end side to the thing.
Note that the knob on the far right can be pressed to set the different alarms, and the knob on the far left can also be pressed to choose the display color.

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Seen from above you can see the 6 knobs, the 2 at the ends are not identical because they can be pressed.


Here is the back of the beast, the PCB is of very good quality and well populated, there is no need to say we are in the presence here of a high-end product. On the far right we can see the molex connector, on its left the 3-pin connectors as well as the jumper to activate / deactivate the start function of the 12V fans and the jumpers for the temperature probes, let’s take a closer look.


6 3-pin connectors are present, it is possible to connect 4-pin fans to them without the slightest problem.


The jumper (HSBOOT1) is used to activate or deactivate the function which supplies the fans with 12V when the PC is switched on, however I advise not to touch it because it is a feature which guarantees the starting of the fans even when the voltage is set. is very low.

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The temperature probes will be connected here.


Once switched on we can see that the amount of data processing present on the display of the FC5 v3 is quite enormous! The top line is there to display the RPMs of each fan, below a line that shows the temperature read from each probe and the last one gives the voltage applied to each channel. The quality of the display is the best I have seen, nothing bleeds, everything is displayed with clarity and there is no light leakage, from the high end in short.
On the left where we can see the 4 surrounded by a bell is the state of the alarm setting, a bell without number for monitoring on 6 channels, 4 for 4 channels and off for deactivating the alarm . At the bottom of this bell an arrow pointing upwards shows that the function which starts the fans in 12V is activated, if it is deactivated then nothing is displayed.
Let’s see what this looks like with some of the available colors:

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Everyone can choose the color they prefer, each color is very well displayed and the screen really does wonders.
In use, the rheobus responds perfectly to all requests, the knobs are very practical and above all the display is very responsive to display the changes made unlike some rheobus that I had the opportunity to have in my hands, each value is reported about 2 times per second and it will therefore be very easy to adjust the fans as we see fit.


Here we are at the end of this test, what to say about Lamptron FC5 v3?
A rheobus is a peripheral that was widely used many years ago now but which has fallen a bit into disuse because of motherboards which are able to regulate several fans thanks to the software of the manufacturers, despite everything there are still some irreducible (including I am one) who much prefer to have control over the ventilation of their PC without weighing down the operating system (and also to avoid potential problems due to software). Lamptron offers us here a product which is of excellent manufacturing quality, has a remarkable readable screen despite all the information present and capable of managing 6 fans without the slightest problem. Getting started is very quick, the rheobus is very responsive and it is even possible to turn off the fans, which is clearly not the case with all products on the market, a point that fans of silence will love.
The only little thing I could fault the FC5 v3 with is its power supply via a molex socket when the Sata has reigned supreme for several years, maybe an updated version in the future?
Offered at a recommended price of around € 70, it is an ideal companion for people seeking a silent configuration, as long as advanced features are not sought (PWM management for example).

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The +

  • Build quality
  • Excellent display
  • Responsiveness of updating information
  • 16 colors to choose from

Many thanks to Lamptron who allowed me to do this test.

Where to find the Lamptron FC5 v3?

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