The Asus RTX 3070 Noctua is filtered, with the classic colors of the Austrian brand

A few months ago Asus itself had revealed that it was working with Noctua on a custom GeForce RTX 3070, and now the first images of this card came to light thanks to the company itself, as one of its employees published some images on the Facebook group “ASUS ROG Vietnam”. These images were quickly removed, although it was late, and now the images are circulating all over the internet.

The design of the card and especially the choice of colors makes it more than clear that it was designed in conjunction with the famous Austrian company, since the traditional colors of the company’s fans are used instead of using a black color as in the recent Chromax line. Although it may not be the most aesthetically beautiful result, for Noctua fans this collaboration can be a collectible and not just a product to play with, since it is something never seen before and that we do not know if we will see again.

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Looking at the graphic from the side, we see that it has a remarkable width of practically four slots, and from what can be seen in the image, this is because it has two traditional 120mm fans inside, including even the anti-vibration mounts. This is something that is striking as we would expect special fans to have been designed instead of reusing the existing 120mm fans and then putting a GPU shell on top to hide it, although that is clearly not what happened.

In addition to the images, its price was also leaked

As if filtering the images was not enough, the Asus employee who posted the images also revealed the price that this card will have in Vietnam. The same would be 26 million VND, which is equivalent to about 1137 dollars, a fairly high price for an RTX 3070. There are still no details on how much it will cost in other regions, so we will have to wait for its official launch to know its final price.

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What do you think about the Asus RTX 3070 Noctua? Do you like its design?

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