The attitude of Europeans towards the United States has changed amid the gas crisis

MOSCOW, 13 Oct – PRIME. The European Union has begun to show concern about American economic policy, writes the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

Putin: US can now supply energy resources at high prices

The publication noted that Germany and France, wholly with the European Union, began to openly demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the United States. “It’s an awakening to a harsh reality,” GT said.

Olaf Scholz publicly criticized the United States’ new anti-inflation law the day before, as it threatens a major tariff war. According to European Commissioner for Trade Valdis Dombrowski, this law could directly have a very negative impact on the auto industry in the European Union.

“If Europe does not change its position, it will turn from a global player into a US vassal,” writes a Chinese newspaper.

The material also noted that the EU in security matters is heavily dependent on the United States, while the latter receives only its benefit from the problems of the Europeans.

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“Companies in the United States will easily earn over $100 million for each LNG container ship heading to Europe. Americans are not shy about profiting from the catastrophe of Europeans. The way of earning can only be described as extremely immoral,” the newspaper sums up.

EU countries are faced with an energy crisis and a surge in inflation due to anti-Russian sanctions on the refusal of fuel from Russia. As a result, fuel prices rose, which negatively affected various sectors of the economy.

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