The Best New Year Chains, Messages, Images and Videos for WhatsApp

Happy New Year 2022
Happy New Year 2022

The Best New Year Chains, Messages, Images and Videos for WhatsApp

The year 2022 is approaching little by little, more than many of us would like in relation to how quickly time is passing, and we know that together with the closing of that stage the reflections and the idea of ​​being able to comment on a little to others how much we love our closest friends. This has resulted in many users, somewhat anxious, wanting to know the best chains for new year for WhatsApp.

In fact, we know that even many will be interested in not letting a single moment pass to let their loved ones know how much they appreciate them, and that is why we are determined to teach you some of the best new year chains for WhatsApp.

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The best new year chains for WhatsApp

The best New Year’s chains for WhatsApp that we can find are the following:

  • When you receive this message, close your eyes and imagine the happiest moments you’ve ever had in your life. That is precisely what I wish for you in this new year. Happy New Year, I hope you have a year full of joys. Share this message with your loved ones
  • When it’s twelve at night, close your eyes and make a wish for this year. I will also do the same and ask for your wish to come true. Happy New Year!
  • May this New Year bring home all the best that only a person like you deserves. Thank you for your friendship and love, I wish you a happy new year. Share this message with all those special people
  • A new year is coming, new dreams are coming, new goals are coming, new aspects, but I will never change my friends. Happy New Year 2020, share this with all your friends.
  • From now on you have 365 days to achieve your dreams, goals, purposes and a full year in which I will support you. Happy New Year my friend, share this chain with all your real friends!
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How to send a WhatsApp chain to a contact?

Well, starting with this basic question, we have to say that sending a WhatsApp chain on the mobile is not complicated at all. All it takes is have the text at hand, and we can either paste it in the conversation that interests us, or make a broadcast message, to send it to many people together.

Videos for New Year’s WhatsApp

Do you want to get videos for WhatsApp that have to do with the new year? Here are some of the best apps for it. The first thing you should consider is that many of these videos for WhatsApp are really fun, so they will be perfect for entertaining with the family as well as leave a nice message.

These are some apps for Android that you will allow you to send funny videos to your friends on WhatsApp, although once you have downloaded the content, you can also share it on other networks. The interesting thing about the case is that the applications in question are really light, so you can install them on absolutely any Android terminal.

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Previously, we have given you access to download some of the best WhatsApp video apps for New Years. Users usually choose those, considering that they have good scores. Thanks to each of these applications, you will find tons of cool videos to consider, so we recommend that you try them.

New year images to share on WhatsApp

The first thing that we are going to recommend if you want to congratulate the coming Year with all your friends, acquaintances and family, is that you download some of the applications that have been specially developed for this and where you can find the best new year images

It is neither more nor less than New year countdown, an application as a countdown to the New Year 2020, which you can download from the Google Play Store and will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp.

celebration horn for next year

The best end of the year messages

The new year has to be a time where let’s put all the bad things aside, where we can make a clean slate to start with more strength and surrounded by those good people who are part of our life and who, ultimately, helped us to grow and be the kind of human being that we are now.

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That is why we want to leave you several messages that serve as an example to be able to send those special people And in this way that they know that you are thinking about them and that you never forget how important they are to you and you can congratulate the new year.

Beautiful New Year phrases

  • Discard the sadness, fill yourself with the best moments and start the new year with many new things.
  • May the path you have chosen take you to the top of the mountain of success. That surprises and experiences are more than welcome.
  • Nothing better to start this new year, than the best of affection for you and those around you. May everyone be in harmony and always putting faith in a better day to come.
  • May your life abound with joy and prosperity and when you think that things are not going well, my friendship will be present to comfort you and help you.
  • For all my family and friends, I hope that this year brings a lot of happiness, health, work and success in all your projects.
  • I just want you to get everything you want because you have worked to deserve it. Happy New Year.
  • The police are looking for a sexy, funny and beautiful person. I wanted to make sure that you are safe, I on the contrary do not know where to hide. Happy new year!
  • They have told me that an angel escaped from heaven, I will not say where you are. Happy New Year.
  • During these holidays I thought I would send you something that was funny, cute, very incredible, super sexy and cute, but I did not fit on the screen. Happy New Year.
  • For our last family dinner of the year, does the cell phone sit on the right or left? Happy New Year
  • If you want the new year to start positively, just lose one electron. Happy New Year.
  • These Christmases were full of shortages, so you have to save, this SMS is a chain I sent it to you and you continue to send it to other contacts.
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