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10 Best Video Editing Software Prog...
10 Best Video Editing Software Programs

The best programs to edit videos for free
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Video editing consists in the possibility of being able to edit a movie. Video editing software allows you to create and add audio and video effects to existing movies.
They can be used for example to add video clips, images, add special effects and transition effects, edit the audio track by inserting backing tracks and much more.

Not many people know that there is no need to buy expensive dedicated software and that it is possible to make quality videos even with free tools (even professional-level).

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In this article, we will try to point out the best free video editing programs that the market offers and which are sometimes, unfairly, little known.

To clarify, we regarded as free only video editors that:

  • they do not apply any watermarks in the export of produced videos;
  • they do not limit the resolution and duration of the processed videos;
  • continue to work without limitations over time (therefore programs that offer the trial version and then have to switch to the paid version are excluded).

So let’s take a closer look at each video editing program we have selected.

DaVinci Resolve (Windows, MacOS e Linux)

If you are looking for an advanced video editing tool, this may be the video editing program for you. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most used solutions by Youtubers, to create video content of a certain quality.

This is a solution that doesn’t have a very smooth learning curve, but offering professional-grade tools. DaVinci Resolve is also used in movie and TV series editing. It is undoubtedly it best video editing tool on this list, suitable for those who are already familiar with this type of software.

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The application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, it has no limitations and on the internet there are many tutorials to learn how to use it to the fullest.

Being a professional tool, it does not offer any procedure for quick loading on social networks.

You can download the latest version of the program directly on the page dedicated to DaVinci Resolve on the manufacturer’s website.

Shotcut (Windows, MacOS, e Linux)

Video Editing Gratis ShotCut

It may not seem like the best editor at first glance, but it is no coincidence that it is among the first solutions that we recommend.

Shotcut is an excellent program developed as a free project, which it can delight both novice and more advanced users.

Minimalist menus allow for easy navigation, while more advanced users can add powerful add-ons that rival professional solutions. to create and edit videos.

Obviously, if you insert the professional add-ons, the learning curve increases, fortunately, a rich series of video tutorials are available on the site, always free of charge.

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If you are interested you can download the program directly from the download page on the Shotcut website.

OpenShot (Windows, MacOS, Linux e ChromeOS)

Video Editing Gratis OpenShot

It is a powerful, yet very accessible and easy to use opensource solution.

The project was born in 2008 with the intention of providing the Linux operating system of a free version of a video editing program. Over the years it has gone on becoming more and more complete and also releasing versions for Windows, Mac and ChromeOS.

OpenShot offers a non-linear editor, with timeline, support for visual effects, transitions and much more, all accompanied by a well-organized, intuitive and translated into Italian interface.
In addition, the program offers a built-in tutorial, which will lead even newbies to quickly become experts.

If you want to try OpenShot, you can download it directly from the Download page of the official OpenShot site.

Kdenlive (Windows, MacOS, and Linux)

Video Editing Gratis KDEnlive

Here we are in front of a free and multi-platform solution, more advanced than OpenShot.

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Kdenlive is a very interesting project, it improves from version to version, and offers a complete non-linear video editor.

This video editing program offers interesting advanced tools and can be a valid solution to switch from basic to more professional editors.

Although the software originated on Linux, it is now available for both Windows and Mac.

This program can be downloaded directly from the official Kdenlive website.

HitFilm Express (Windows and MacOS)

Video Editing Gratis Hitfilm Express

If you are looking for a free solution that has a more modern interface then this might be for you.

HitFilm is a complete and free application with no major limitations (except that the dark interface is limited to paying customers), which offers many features.

This program seems to be a happy marriage between two much loved solutions from Adobe, After Effects and Premier.

Performance stands out with full hardware acceleration support.

HitFilm offers not only a non-linear video editor, but also thefree access to a large number of video effects, including advanced ones.

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To download it for free, just go to the dedicated HitFilm page and move the slider until the price points to zero. At any time you can pay to support the project by purchasing one of the additional packs.

Apple iMovie (MacOS)


The video editing program included with MacOS has always been particularly interesting and easy to use.

For those who have to edit simple videos, even to be published on social networks, this is an excellent solution.

It offers, a non-linear editor, equipped with a pleasant and intuitive interface. Also, as you might imagine iMovie is seamlessly integrated into the system.

This solution is only available on Mac, and you can install it for free directly from the App Store.

VideoPad (Windows e MacOS)


A simple and practical solution, for those who simply need to edit a video of a non-professional level.

VideoPad is a very fast and immediate program, with which anyone who has ever edited a video will be immediately at ease.

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The application is free and allows you to edit videos effectively, if you need advanced tools you can buy additional addons.

The application is available for Windows and Mac, it can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

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