The Czech seller already sells super sports for bitcoin. The most expensive sold for over 15 bitcoins

Cryptocurrencies have become a recognized currency in the world of trade, which is no longer accepted not only by online stores but also by car dealers. An example is the Czech car showroom Advantage Cars, which started selling supersports from its offer in exchange for bitcoin. The new owner paid 16.5 bitcoin for the most expensive piece, the portal informed CzechCrunch.

Not so long ago, payments by cryptocurrencies began to spread in online stores, which in this way expanded the possibilities of payment for goods and allowed customers to pay with such bitcoins. Alza is one of the most well-known shops that supports such payments. However, more and more merchants gradually joined them, but it did not remain only in the area of ​​online shopping.

You can also buy a luxury or sports car in the Czech Republic for bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies have begun to be perceived as valuable currency by some car dealers. Although many car dealers have not yet resorted to such payments, some car dealerships see great potential in bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. The Czech car showroom Advantage Cars is no different and has started offering its luxury and sports cars for cryptocurrencies.

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So far, it only accepts bitcoin from customers, but according to Filip Šivic, the company’s sales manager for the portal the car show may also accept payments in other cryptocurrencies in the future. It is therefore possible that clients will later be able to pay for their dream supersport with such ethereom.


However, the car show does not only offer “ordinary” models such as the VW Golf R, Volvo V60. The portfolio also includes luxury vehicles from Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Infinity and top models from BMW or Mercedes. In addition to these vehicles, however, it also offers full-blooded supersports from the top league, including the Porsche 911, McLaren Sienna, Ferrari FF, Ferrari F550, the legendary Ferrari Testarossa and many others.

We believe that bitcoin payments will enable our customers to flexibly and securely manage their finances and effectively use the money invested in practice. In addition, the single currency will be appreciated by our foreign clients, who have been growing in recent years,“He informed in his statement for the portal CzechCrunch sales manager Filip Šivic.

The most expensive piece for which the new owner paid in bitcoin was the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider. This model cost it 18 million Czech crowns, which was approximately 16.5 bitcoins.

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However, it was definitely not the only vehicle sold for this cryptocurrency. According to CzechCrunch, they sold a total of CZK 40 million for bitcoin in Advantage Cars. However, up to 90% of vehicles sold go to foreign clients.


When buying a vehicle, the sale is governed by the current bitcoin exchange rate. The customer will receive a QR code with the address of the cryptomen account of the car show, to which he will transfer the required amount of bitcoin. However, due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency, the code itself is limited to 15 minutes, after which a new one with the current bitcoin value must be generated.

The company charges a fee of 0.5% of the total purchase price for the cryptocurrency payment. However, the car show does not yet hold the cryptocurrency, but after the purchase it transfers it back to the fiat menu. However, he also has plans to hold a cryptocurrency in the future.

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Tesla also tried it with bitcoin

Some time ago, Tesla also accepted bitcoin payments when buying its electric cars. She started taking Bitcoin in March, but it didn’t last long. Although Musk announced the expansion of support for the purchase of bitcoin abroad this year, it did not take long and the company paid for payments for electric cars with this cryptocurrency in May.

At the time, he was arguing that the environmental impact of mining this cryptocurrency was to blame, which is contrary to the idea of ​​the company that produces the most successful electric cars. Later, Musk began working with miners on an ecological strategy for cryptocurrency mining.

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However, the abolition of receiving payments for electric cars in bitcoin caused a huge drop in the cryptomen market and shortly after Musk’s tweet at that time, bitcoin lost about 5% in price after only a few minutes. And although Tesla has decided to temporarily suspend support for bitcoin payments, it owns more than $ 1 billion worth of currency.

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At the beginning of the year, the carmaker bought bitcoin worth $ 1.5 billion, but later She sold 10% of her coins and earned more than $ 100 million. It happened in April of this year, and after the deal, the company owned bitcoins for about $ 1.3 billion.

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