The dedicated video card market is + 370% in Q1 2021 thanks to inflated prices

The dedicated video card market is + 370% in Q1 2021 thanks to inflated prices

The analysts of Jon Peddie Research, after focusing on the GPU market as a whole, they have turned the spotlight on solo dedicated video card market, also called AIB (Add-In Board). In the first quarter of 2021 there is a growth in market share for AMD, that rises to 20% from 17% at the end of 2020. The company is far from 31% in Q1 2021, when Nvidia had 69%, while today it rose to80%.

In addition to the data of the two manufacturers, while waiting for Intel’s third wheel to enter the field, the sector data is certainly interesting – but not surprising: according to analysts, 12.5 billion worth of video cards shipped, a 370% increase over last year, consequent to the very high prices linked to the excess demand (not only gaming but also mining) and to the speculation that affects the sales chain (and we are not referring only to scalpers, or touts, if you prefer). The graph below clearly illustrates the price progression (average) for the various market segments:

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Jon Peddie Research reports that the dedicated video card market has seen shipments up 7.1% compared to Q4 2020 and 24.4% yoy in 11.8 million units. The AIB market reached $ 23.6 billion last year and is expected to hit $ 54 billion in 2025. More than 2 billion dedicated video cards have been delivered since 1981.

“We believe lockdown orders created demand in 2020 and Q1 2021. Home PCs and workstations have become the center of professional life and often the main source of entertainment during lockdowns. has increased the pressure on the supply chain while continuing to grow in popularity. This, however, is an anomalous period in the history of graphics: prices are high due to the shortage of products and due to demand in response to cryptocurrency prices “, conclude the analysts.