The drive for the American hypersonic missiles continues. Engine test complete

We know perfectly well that the USA is developing its new hypersonic weapon in the form of CPS and LRHW for the Navy and the US Army, and today we have officially learned at what stage this pursuit of American hypersonic missiles is.

Another important test on the way to the American hypersonic missiles has been completed

CPS is an acronym for the Conventional Prompt Strike missile for the navy, while the aforementioned Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon is to be finally put into service with the US Army. Both missiles, however, are directly related to each other, have the same diameter of 0.87 meters and will reach for a special “soaring vehicle” in the form of the Common Hypersonic Glide Body (CHGB).

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It is not surprising that both branches of the American military are cooperating with each other on their development, although the missiles will end up on the one hand on the land M870A3, and on the other on the deck of combat ships. How long will we wait for this day? It is hard to predict at the moment, because the related engines are still being tested.

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Going into detail, the latest test on October 28, 2021 was for the second in a row static first stage solid-fuel rocket engine test. It ended successfully, opening the door to further tests, because it was in fact very important, as it was the first time it included an engine in a thrust vector configuration that enables missiles to be maneuvered in flight.