The expert commented on when Russia runs out of oil

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — PRIME. Russia has one of the richest subsoil natural resources, and on the Day of Oil and Gas Workers, Sergey Kolobanov, deputy head of the Economics of Fuel and Energy Complex department of the Center for Strategic Research, told RIA Novosti when oil would run out in Russia, as well as about the prospects for gas.

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“It can be firmly assumed that there will be enough oil in Russia for as many years as demand for it remains. be used,” the expert said. He explained that the main consumer of oil products is cars with internal combustion engines. And there is already a trend in the world to replace them with electric cars.

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According to the State Commission on Mineral Reserves, Russia’s proven oil reserves in all categories amount to 19 billion tons, gas condensate – another 2.2 billion tons. But oil reserves have a broad classification. For example, if we talk about recoverable reserves, then there are more than 31 billion tons of oil and condensate, and 69 billion tons according to the forecast.

The interlocutor of the agency believes that while maintaining the current level of oil production at about 500 million tons per year, our country can have enough raw materials for at least 20 years, and a maximum of 40 years. But these figures may change, as exploration work does not stop, oil reserves are replenished annually.

“In addition, new methods of production stimulation are being developed, which allow raising the predicted oil recovery factor and increasing the recoverable reserves of already developed fields without exploring new ones,” the analyst added.

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As for gas, Kolobanov said it has a brighter long-term outlook, as it is considered a transitional fuel.

“In terms of gas, Russia is provided with even greater reserves and resources – more than 74 trillion cubic meters of recoverable reserves and about 190 trillion cubic meters of probable resources. It is believed that this will be enough for 80-100 years of production. At the same time, gas is one of the main fuels for generating electricity, demand which will only grow due to the development of electric vehicles,” the expert concluded.

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