The Explorer plane is like a flying, exclusive yacht

Lufthansa Technik was inspired by yachts and five-star hotels when designing the unique Explorer plane, although looking at the company’s plans, it is more of a design for the interior of the plane itself. This one is only a concept and, as with concepts, it makes a great impression on design cards.

The Explorer Concept is like a flying superyacht

The basis for the Explorer concept was the wide-body Airbus A330 airliner, an almost 64-meter colossus that is able to take on board over 250 passengers on commercial flights and up to 25 in a VIP configuration. However, in Lufthansa’s vision, the plane is limited to 8-12 exceptional passengers who can enjoy a yacht-like interior.

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Of course, in an airplane flying thousands of meters above our heads, it is difficult to find open spaces or panoramic windows, but the company solved at least the latter problem by passively cooled projectors that are integrated with the walls and ceiling and can imitate, among others, blue sky shrouded in clouds. Cabins can include office, conference or relaxation spaces.

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Even an off-road car can come on board the Explorer, because you must know that the project also has a taste for more exploratory journeys, as the name suggests. However, it’s hard to compare it to these specialized exploration vehicles.