The fastest tricycle in the world. This is Spiritus from Daymak

The Deymak company presented their work to the public for the first time, which took place at York University in Toronto. We are talking about the Spiritus tricycle, which is considered to be the fastest tricycle in the world, which in addition will be available for purchase from 2023, although you can already place pre-order orders and the company already has over 25,000 of them.

Daymak Spiritus – this is the fastest mass-produced tricycle in the world, which the law recognizes as a motorcycle

The three-wheeled Daymak Spiritus is to be equipped with solar panels in terms of charging, a regeneration system and the Ondata wireless charging system. It will be offered in two versions – Deluxe and Ultimate, which differ in price and capabilities. Both versions, however, will feature advanced IoniX Pro lithium-ion battery systems, managed by an artificial intelligence system.

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So the Spiritus Deluxe, available for $ 19,995, reaches a maximum speed of 137 km / h and can boast a range of 290 km on a single charge. The more advanced version of Spiritus Ultimate, in turn, accelerates to 209 km / h, boasts a range of up to 482 km and accelerates to 96.5 km / h in 1.8 seconds. Interestingly, while charging, Spiritus can mine cryptocurrencies, thanks to an advanced system that also provides autonomous functions.

In the light of the law, Daymak Spiritus is considered a motorcycle. Its three-wheel configuration, with a single wheel on the back, resembles a water droplet. This improves its aerodynamic shape, which plays an important role in both range and acceleration.

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