The first artwork released under the Aorus brand

The first artwork released under the Aorus brand

Gigabyte announced some time ago that its best equipment will be released under the Aorus brand. It has already happened with the new motherboards and the first graphics from the new series have been presented quite recently.

The model is based on the GeForce GTX 1080. It is actually a slightly modified Xtreme GAMING. Both cards are very similar, the only differences are in appearance and cosmetics. The graphics have three 100mm fans, one of which is lower than the rest. The graphics card also has exactly the same clock speed as XTREME GAMING, i.e. 1784/1936 MHz on the core and 1300 MHz on the memory. As it is dedicated to virtual reality, it has two HDMI connectors at the end of the card, which is located in the housing. It is also powered by two 8-pin connectors.

It is not known yet when the card will go on sale and what its price will be. However, due to the similarity to XTREME GAMING, the price should also be similar to it.

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