The First Comics in the Crypto Space

The First Comics in the Crypto Space

A unique project was born in the Romanian crypto community and not only – cartoons about cryptocurrencies. Written and produced by Arms Goldman, the project “Give us adoption!” Brings a touch of humor in an area that is increasingly being taken by the financial community.

The story behind the image

The comics are published on and the first two episodes have already been released. Those familiar with the crypto industry will be able to recognize popular characters such as Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver or even the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. However, we promise you will be surprised by the hypostases where these characters are found – all we can recommend is to visit the site and join the community in solving mysteries.

“Using humor, making fun of trouble, you can easily say things by name. It’s also written in episode 8 of the first series and I can say that it will surprise you because of some shocking information found while I did the research for the comic book about Bitcoin, the crypto sphere and beyond. The number of characters will increase considerably and there will be upsets of unexpected situations and disclosures ”

explained author Armi Goldman.

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Give us adoption

Cartoon bees are a popular art form and a way to make people laugh no matter how much knowledge they have about cryptocurrencies. Armi hopes that his stories will encourage beginners to learn more about the concept of cryptocurrencies and about the real characters that play an important role in this industry.

One of the most interesting effects that this project can have is to encourage the adoption or even to arouse the curiosity of those who hear crypto for the first time.

We invite you to visit the official Giveusadoption website and tell us what you think about the project.

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