The first game to support AMD FSR on Xbox confirms – we have a revolution

Until now, the fun of graphically demanding AAA games in high definition and smoothness was reserved for PC gamers with GeForce RTX cards, thanks to DLSS technology. Now, however, Myst Remake, the first game to support AMD FSR on Xbox, confirms that console players will finally get a taste of the same.

Remake Myst, as the first game to support AMD FSR on Xbox, confirmed that console players will finally be able to play in high smoothness and resolution

The Myst remake will debut soon (August 26) on both PC, old and new generation Xbox consoles. It will be another title supporting AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technology for PC and the first to reach for it in the version for the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles. for the production of Cyan Worlds studio.

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According to them, thanks to FSR, Myst is able to run at 60 FPS in 4K on the Xbox Series X console at the highest settings and with the same smoothness at 1440p on the Series S, i.e. the weaker one. According to the creators, FSR provides almost 75% higher fluidity on both consoles in 4K resolution without sacrificing too much graphic quality, because the final quality is supposedly only subtle.

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