The first quantum processor is manufactured by IBM –

AMD Instinct MI100 GPU
AMD Instinct MI100 GPU

Like fresh out of a science fiction movie today is a great day for computing after learning that the first quantum processor is manufactured by IBM.

The giant has just announced that it has just taken a gigantic step in the world of processors, having manufactured the first quantum processor, this processor is baptized as the Eagle processor, and has a computing power of 127 qubits.

A qubit or quantum bit (from the English quantum bit or qubit) is a quantum system with two eigen states and that can be arbitrarily manipulated. It can only be correctly described by quantum mechanics, and it only has two states that are well distinguishable by physical measurements. The information contained in this quantum system with two possible states is also understood by qubit.

to simulate Eagle would require more classical bits than there are atoms in all human beings on the planet.

In practice, different physical systems have been prepared which, under certain conditions, can be described as qubits or sets of qubits. Systems can be macroscopic in size, like a superconducting circuit, or microscopic, like a set of ions suspended by electric fields.

Mathematically, a qubit can be described as a vector of unit modulus in a complex two-dimensional vector space. The two basic states of a qubit are {displaystyle |0rangle } and {displaystyle |1rangle }, which correspond to 0 and 1 of the classic bit.

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On the other hand, and knowing that the first quantum processor is manufactured by IBM, Eagle will be followed by the 433 qubit “Osprey” processor in 2022. During the next three years, the multidisciplinary team of IBM scientists will work together with the academy. and industry to help solve manufacturing, cryogenics and electronics challenges, as well as to enhance software capabilities such as error correction coding.