The Google Pixel Watch smartwatch will offer exclusive Wear OS features

The Google Pixel Watch smartwatch will offer exclusive Wear OS features

Google continues to fix errors reported by owners of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro smartphones. In addition, we recently found out that the company is abandoning (at least for now) the foldable Pixel project. It turns out, however, that the smartwatch is not Pixel Watch. When will it make its debut?

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Thanks to 9to5Google, we learned that Pixel Watch can run on Wear OS, getting some unique features not available on other devices with this system. At least in the beginning. A new generation Google Assistant is to appear on board, which will be built into the watch and will support processing on the device instead of in the cloud. Thanks to this, it is supposed to work faster and more efficiently. However, the source mentions many functions, although these are still unknown to us.

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However, it is said that the Pixel Watch is to be equipped with a Samsung processor, i.e. Exynos. We do not know which one exactly, but leaks indicate that it will be similar to the Exynos W920, which was included in the Galaxy Watch4 series. The smartwatch is expected to premiere in the first half of 2022, and its price is expected to be over $ 300.


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To the network, thanks to the channel Front Page Tech on YouTube, graphics reportedly came from official marketing materials. They are basically compatible with the renders available above. We see the lack of a frame, a slight curvature of the screen and a physical button on them. Interestingly, one of the photos reveals that Pixel Watch will support Google Maps.

On the other hand Max Weinbach announced that the smartwatch will be equipped with a Samsung chip, produced in a 5 nm technological process. It is speculated that it will be a customized version of the Exynos W920 found in the Galaxy Watch4 series.

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We’ve heard about the Pixel Watch… for a long time

There were a lot of rumors about this, especially before the premiere of the Pixel 6 series. This time, however, we have a slightly different situation, because new reports reveal a lot about the device. The smartwatch is expected to debut next year, and its availability will be limited to those countries where Google sells its smartphones. The device is to run on Wear OS 3.

When it comes to appearance, Google is supposed to be simple – a round shield, without unnecessary frills and “physical binding”. The overall design is meant to be rather minimalist and simple.

There will be sensors on board that check our health and take care of our condition. It is even said that work on the device sped up and Google gave some of the devices to its employees outside the team to test and provide feedback. According to one employee, the device “needs to be charged daily,” and the process is very slow so far.

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Pixel Watch is expected to debut in the spring of 2022, provided all tests are positive.

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