The Guardian XO Max exoskeleton increases the operator’s strength twenty times

The Guardian XO Max exoskeleton increases the operator's strength twenty times

Humanity may still have a long way to go to the time when exoskeletons will be commonplace, but companies like Sarcos Robotics are accelerating the process. This time, the Guardian XO Max exoskeleton was announced, which is not only unique, but also real, because it is to debut at the beginning of 2020.

First, you must definitely start with the fact that the Guardian XO Max will be the world’s first full-body industrial exoskeleton powered solely by on-board batteries. It is this problem that its authors mention the worst, because they faced a considerable challenge to optimize energy consumption. This was the basis for commercializing the Guardian, as it just had to be practical, operating long enough on a single charge. We are talking about up to eight hours of uninterrupted work, and in addition a battery design that will allow operators to replace cells in the field.

The strongest point of The Guardian XO Max is the degree to which it will support the wearer. The company assures that an operator lifting a 45-kilogram object will feel it as if it weighs only 2.2 kilograms. In addition, the exoskeleton is to be very responsive and function intuitively, adapting to each employee. Sarcos Robotics also found that this invention greatly increases worker productivity, making it an attractive proposition for construction and manufacturing companies. At the moment, however, we have not known the price of the Guardian XO Max, although it is very likely that it will initially be provided as part of the Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) service.

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