The head of MSI explains the lack of AMD processors in their offer

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In recent months, AMD has created a really solid range of mobile CPUs and APUs, and while many manufacturers seem to trust more and more in the new Ryzen, MSI desktops and laptops, for example, still rely solely on Intel. The reason for this behavior was explained by the head of the company.

Charles Chiang’s statement on this issue can be broken down into three main arguments. The first and the biggest is the very fact that MSI is a relatively small company that cannot afford to experiment with different platforms. There are neither the resources nor the resources for this, as each product is highly optimized, and incorporating AMD products into this process would only complicate matters.

He also mentioned his past collaborations with the Reds, which weren’t really the best. It was not only about questionable product performance, but also driver problems. In turn, the tip of the iceberg is the cooperation with Intel itself, which was sealed with the support that MSI received during the warehouse shortages. He even referred to the honor of the brand, which is simply not appropriate to go to the competition.

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The remainder of the interview concerns further problems with the availability of Intel processors, which is reflected in the sale of MSI motherboards. Fortunately, the situation is improving week by week, but it will last until the end of this year. In the case of AMD, however, it is traditional – the company still needs years to develop a reputation from the past.

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