The innovative eeSilk bicycle stem from Cane Creek enhances cyclists’ comfort

The innovative eeSilk bicycle stem from Cane Creek enhances cyclists' comfort

In the times of the renaissance of two-wheelers, innovative gadgets are always at a price, and the Cane Creek company knows this very well, proposing the new eeSilk bicycle stem. This one is primarily intended to make riding two-wheelers more enjoyable. How? About it below.

The eeSilk bicycle stem was created to make your off-road riding more enjoyable

The eeSilk stem is designed to relieve us of sore hands and arms when riding on uneven roads in an inclined position, especially for road and gravel bikes. Its operation is reduced to damping vibrations because it absorbs them on the appropriate bracket, moving up and down.

The Cane Creek eeSilk has a hinge where the main part of the bracket meets the part that clamps around the steerer tube. Inside this hinge there is a removable elastomer insert that absorbs vertical movements of the front part of the bracket, and the customer is supplied with three such replacement inserts of different hardness.

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Additionally, a small lever on the stem allows the rider to toggle between soft and firm settings depending on whether comfort or speed / stiffness is the priority. In the former case, the stem can move vertically by up to 20 mm, and buyers can choose between brackets with a length of 80, 90 and 100 mm, with a rise angle of +6 degrees and a clamp diameter of 31.8 mm. The price is traditionally scary – it’s all $ 229.99.