The legacy of Aston Martin’s EVs guarantees the originality of the classics

Klasyk od Aston Martin gra z silnikami na dwa fronty

The car companies that produce the classic models for which they are simply famous have one big problem – meeting emission standards. This problem is faced by the classic from Aston Martin, which plays with engines on two fronts especially for customers.

Aston Martin Works decided to play an unusual game as part of the Heritage EV project to preserve the authenticity of their creations. This comes down to the production of cars with an electric motor on board, but in such a way that, if necessary, a replacement for the original power unit will be possible. This electric one is to draw handfuls of the technology developed for the original electric Aston Martin Rapid E. This did not prevent the manufacturer, however, from the traditional packaging of the engine with a cover with a battery pack, mounted on the original engine and gearbox mounts.

The first result of this solution is to be the 1970 Aston Martin DB6 MkII Volante, but a number of other cars will also be able to do so in the future. What is most interesting, however, the manufacturer also envisages an “electric conversion” of already sold models, the implementation of which is to begin next year.

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Source: New Atlas