The Libra project draws attention to the Binance crypt

The Libra project draws attention to the Binance crypt

Binance CSO, Gin Chao, said the exchange is interested in working with Facebook on the Libra project. This could include the option of listing cryptomonas or even acquiring the right to become a network validator node. Since the project has just been launched, no final decision has yet been taken.

The Binance Exchange, interested in being part of the Libra project

The Libra Association is planned to include 100 validators, of which 28 have already been selected. So far, four blockchains have been included in the association – Coinbase, Xapo, BisonTrails and Anchorage.

ShapeShift also said he wanted to integrate cryptomoneda Libra.

Polkadot reaches an estimated $ 1.2 billion

The Polkadot Foundation, co-founder of Ethereum, announced it has reached a 1.2 billion dollar valuation by selling privately 500,000 DOT tokens.

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Polkadot Web3 was created by Gavin Wood and is an ambitious blockbill interoperability project. This week saw the private sale of 5% of the issued tokens, totaling $ 60 million.

Wood said he was pleased with the result.

“I was surprised at how much interest there is in Polkadot – many investors have shown tremendous appetite for exploiting new concepts”

Polkadot is working to build a network that allows other blockchains to work together. The Foundation says it expects to launch the network by the end of the year.

Goldman Sachs considers a token of his own

The Goldman Sachs group is interested in exploring the possibilities of launching a crypto-active, according to the bank’s executive director, David Solomon. The bank follows JPMorganChase, which launched JPM Coin in February.

Solomon said GoldmanSachs is conducting in-depth research into the token process. This is a method of digitizing coins or assets to allow their rapid transfer through an authorized registry. The banker said it was an “interesting” process, adding that the global payment and remittance market will integrate it in the future.

“Tokenization is the direction in which the payment system will go,”

he said.

There is a scam: the Bitsane exchange in Ireland

The Irish Bitsane Exchange has disappeared into a million-euro scam exit. The local Irish Mirror newspaper announced on Thursday that more than 100 users reported that they could no longer recover funds stored on the platform.

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The Bitsane site disappeared on June 17, and Twitter and Facebook accounts were also deleted. data shows that the platform had 246,000 registered users on May 30, 2019.

The exchange was launched in November 2016, but CoinMarketCap currently shows a volume of 0 transactions. The last update was 11 days ago.

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