The M2NS robot will use massive arms to neutralize sea mines

RE2 Robotics, following a $ 9.5 million contract from the US Office of Naval Research, will now act as a systems integrator and be responsible for making the M2NS Sea Mine Neutralization Robot a reality and on active duty.

RE2 Robotics will create an M2NS robot to neutralize sea mines… and more

The setting up of the mines, compared to the effort it takes to neutralize them, are two completely different worlds. Especially since with the latter there is always a certain risk of causing detonation, and therefore death. However, it is enough to replace the diver with a robot in this process to protect human resources from danger. However, in fact, the M2NS robot will also be able to perform other functions, such as the inspection and maintenance of all kinds of marine structures.

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The M2NS robot will consist of a pair of RE2 Sapien Sea Class robotic arms, which will be mounted on the VideoRay remote-controlled water Defender ROV from Pennsylvania. On the software side, there will be the Detect system (also by RE2) for locating mines or Intellect for placing “neutralizing devices” on them.

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The M2NS robot will also have sensors on board, which will further increase the system’s situational awareness and efficiency, helping it to better know what is going on around it, and therefore also to respond appropriately. It will do so with Sapien-class arms with six degrees of freedom with a “level of dexterity similar to human” that can carry up to 5.2 kg of weight underwater.