The messages in gray could have been read? How to know?

The messages in gray could have been read? How to know?
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WhatsApp has a feature called “Read Receipts”, which lets you know if someone else has read your messages. If you have activated this option (as well as the other person), then every time that person opens your conversation and sees your message, in your WhatsApp application two blue checkmarks will appear next to that sent message. Unquestionably that means that the other person has seen your message (in group chats, it means that ALL members of the group saw or read your message). But what happens if instead of those two blue spots, two gray spots appear? These two seen in gray mean that the message has been DELIVERED to the other person and some will assume that it has not been seen yet, but this is not necessarily the case.

The read confirmation or the two blue checks GUARANTEE that the other person has seen your message, but even if you did not see such confirmation, the other person may have seen the message.

“Unread” messages may actually have been read

unread message whatsapp gray message information

As seen above, the message with two seen in gray makes me assume that the other person has not read my message yet. However, on the other person’s cell phone we have this:

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unread message whatsapp message read whatsapp

That person can completely read your messages from the notifications, without them appearing as seen to you. Even if you accidentally delete the notification, you could still see a preview of the message on the main WhatsApp screen (as long as you don’t open the chat, because in that case the read receipt will already be generated). Another way it may have seen your messages without your knowledge is when it is left without an Internet connection or is using an old version of the app, according to WhatsApp. If that person is even more careful with this issue, they could even have installed an “invisibility” app, where they can see your messages and generally be active on WhatsApp without your knowing it.

As I said above, read receipts or blue checks really guarantee that the other person has seen your messages. However, if there is no confirmation (gray checks), it cannot be guaranteed that the other person has NOT seen your message. That is why WhatsApp uses the two gray doves to indicate that the message has been DELIVERED. Once delivered, the other side may have seen it as they might not. Can not know.

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WhatsApp read receipts

Remember that for the double sky view to work, both parties must have this feature activated, which can be found by touching the three-point button on the main screen of WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Privacy> Read receipts. If the other person has disabled this feature, you won’t see the blue popcorn even if that person sees your messages. The good thing is that the other side will not be able to know if you have seen their messages, even if you have this function activated. That is why I said that both parties must have it activated. It is a reciprocal functionality.

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