The NEOM project will create an independent megacities. Connected skyscrapers stretching for 170 km

15 mega construction projects aroun...
15 mega construction projects around the world

Saudi Arabia plans to create the city of Neom, a global industrial and business center that will make the country independent of oil. That would cost $ 500 billion and cover 16,000 kilometers of coast and desert in northwest Saudi Arabia.

The Neom project provides for megacities straight from Cyberpunk

Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, is currently working on the futuristic city of Neom, where flying cars would come as a surprise. At least against the backdrop of cyborg maids, glow-in-the-dark beaches, robotic dinosaurs, artificial rain, or a genetic engineering program to create stronger citizens illuminated at night by an artificial moon.

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Part of the NEOM project is The Line, a city that stretches in a straight line and consists of simply interconnected skyscrapers that will consume approximately $ 200 billion. In the final version, they will be 170 kilometers long, and each of them will be 500 meters high. This is what will be the “city” in Neom, in which there will be no roads, because their role will be played by the “transit system”.

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The buildings will be erected at different heights, taking into account the diversity of the terrain, and the designers are currently developing a half-kilometer prototype of the skyscraper. These types of buildings will have to accommodate everything – from shops to apartments, as well as offices and entertainment centers (via Bloomberg).