The new roadmap for Libra Core proposes community education

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The Libra Association has released the second roadmap for Libra Core, the software that underlies the planned Libra network.

Based on open source software, the Libra blockchain aims to enable developers, companies and consumers to build their own projects through the system.

In the first roadmap launched in June, Libra announced that five partners will launch complete nodes on the test network. The association expects another 100 partners to run on the system before launching the mainnet.

The new roadmap for Libra Core proposes

According to the new roadmap, developers will now focus on three main areas.
First, the developers have completed the design of most major functions for the main network, including the complete nodes. The team will now complete all the functions in order of priorities. Their job will be to create a complete set of Libra protocol architecture documents as well as create network application interfaces (APIs) for the network.

Second, developers will work to define a set of values ​​for Libra Core, Libra protocol, wallet criteria, and more. This will be crucial for measuring success and identifying landmarks in the roadmap.

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Eventually, the association will take steps to increase transparency and encourage the Libra community to contribute to the project. The final steps would include educating and including the Libra community to become valuable contributors to the project.

The statement on the official block states:

“The purpose of the second roadmap is to define the requirements for launching v1. To change our pre-mainnet approach for non-technical members and increase community involvement. ”

The association will also provide project updates through the Libra Developer Blog program and a planning system on GitHub.