The New York Times revealed how the West made Putin laugh

MOSCOW, 9 Oct — PRIME. European countries and the United States have caused laughter in the world with their “environmental window dressing”, The New York Times reported.

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According to the author of the article, the Europeans were pretending, considering it possible to stop large-scale emissions into the environment, immediately start generating energy from renewable sources, and at the same time everything will be “cooked” with them.

“My God. The Germans were so proud of themselves, not realizing that the only reason why this blue dream of theirs seems feasible is that Putin was selling them cheap gas to make up the difference,” the journalist said.

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At the same time, the United States potentially has the ability to cover its gas and oil needs, but they also do not have enough resources for exports that can compensate for the decrease in the volumes of oil produced by OPEC + members and Russia, the publication added.

The journalist called on Western countries to stop building castles in the air. In his opinion, the only effective way to transition can only be a convincing price signal, which involves taxing “dirty energy” or stimulating the generation of clean energy. He also noted the need for stable and reliable energy supplies, which at the same time will have minimal emissions and be cheap, otherwise all words about the environment can be “boldly called window dressing.”

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“We indulge ourselves in false virtue, while Putin and Mohammed bin Salman laugh at us on the way to the bank,” he concluded.

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Earlier, Western countries imposed large-scale anti-Russian sanctions, which caused record inflation surges and an increase in fuel costs. US President Joe Biden made an attempt to minimize the negative effects. To do this, in July, he traveled to Saudi Arabia, which is one of the main members of the OPEC + alliance. There he expressed the desire that the states of the Persian Gulf increase the production of “black gold” and increase its supply.

The alliance in October decided to produce two million barrels of oil per day less from November. The participants explained their actions by the presence of uncertainties in the global economy and forecasts for the oil market. They approved the decision unanimously, despite the energy crisis raging in the European region and the rise in energy prices in other parts of the world.

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