The opponents of the GeForce Partner Program are growing in strength

GeForce Partner Program

About Nvidia’s controversial initiative from “GeForce Partner Program”We have already told on the pages of our website twice. Opinions on this are of course divided, but from the outset, the GPP boycott group seemed much larger. Among them are so big fish that MSI, Asus and Gigabyte are ordinary hurdles with them.

The inquisitiveness of Kyle Bennett from the HardOCP website resulted in interesting information about the attitude of Dell and HP towards the GeForce Partner Program. It turned out that these giants have no intention of joining this movement, as evidenced by their latest gaming products. The Pavilion Gaming series from HP has recently been supplemented by the latest laptop models with both AMD and Nvidia cards. The Omen Gaming family ran out of “red”Due to continuing problems with the availability of systems. The case is similar with Lenovo, which continues to advertise configurations with AMD products under the Lenovo Legion brand.

Bennet also claims that Intel plans to take legal action because the GeForce Partner Program is allegedly to negatively affect the sale of Kaby Lake G chips, in which the integrated graphics chip was made by AMD. Ordinary consumers are also not positive about GPP. This is indicated not only by negative comments, entries or reviews under MSI, Asus and Gigabyte products, but also by a survey conducted by the Wccftech portal. This indicates that 84% of 6,201 users surveyed are boycotting Nvidia’s latest work.

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