The owner uses his Tesla to mine cryptocurrencies. He earns a surprisingly decent amount per month

Geforce RTX 2060 mining x
Geforce RTX 2060 mining

Today, cars are equipped with such powerful computers that they could be compared to classic laptops or desktops that we use at home or at work. Some, such as those at Tesla, even have computing and graphics performance at the latest generation of gaming consoles. As the portal informs CNBc, Siraj Raval of San Fracisca was able to hack his Model 3 and start mining cryptocurrencies with it.

It sounds crazy, but his Tesla is probably the most expensive cryptocurrency machine ever. But in order to be able to mine cryptomens, he also needs a classic computer. In his case, he uses a new MacBook with an M1 processor, which is connected to the car through a 12V socket.

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In addition to the power of the MacBook itself, it also uses the computing power of the Model 3 graphics processors for mining. The key thing is that the entire mining process is powered by a car battery.

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Whether or not mining pays off depends on the price of energy consumed. If mining is powered by a car battery and it’s cheaper, such a system definitely makes sense.

Tesla, who makes money on herself

As he writes Teslarati, Tesla’s computing power is used by Raval to mine Etherea. His MacBook runs freely available mining software and communicates with the car using JavaScript.

The generated income is not small at all, and he managed to earn up to $ 800 a month, or about € 700. The problem may be that he may have lost the car’s warranty by doing so, as he has tampered with his software.

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Alejandro de la Torre also uses his Tesla Model 3 to mine cryptocurrencies, claiming that it is simply cheaper in terms of energy price as if he were to mine cryptocurrencies in equal volumes on a regular desktop computer.

In principle, computer mining is the same

Mining cryptocurrencies using car hardware is practically the same as mining them on a regular computer. You have a high computing power, a power source and also space for cooling. As computing units run at full speed and generate a lot of heat during mining, they need to be cooled.

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If you are interested in how the whole mining process goes and how to start with such a thing at all, be sure to read interview with miner Jozefwhich has been mining cryptocurrencies since 2017 and sees a great future in digital currencies. In addition to its beginnings or how the bear market has survived since 2018, it has also brought us closer to the profitability that a miner can expect after years.

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