The Port of Bloodborne for PC would already be finalized according to rumors

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According to the latest rumors, development of a Bloodborne PC port is now complete. It should be remembered that this game was developed by From Software and released exclusively for PlayStation 4, while the latest acquisition of PlayStation, Bluepoint Games would be working effectively in a remaster of the original game and in a sequel for the PlayStation 5.

Often Nick, from XboxEra, indicated that his source provided evidence of the aforementioned to the moderators of the ‘Gaming Leaks and Rumors’ subreddit before Colin Moriarty spoke of the remaster and the sequel to Bloodborne a few weeks ago.

“Just leaving a comment to say that although Nick has not commented on this leak directly, he has shared evidence with us privately and has learned of these rumors.

Also, it was shown to us just before Colin Moriarty commented on it a few weeks ago. So there is no possibility that Nick could be a bandwaggoning as I have seen some users speculate. This rumor has more credibility than most and Nick has heard this information. “

Nothing has been known about the port of Bloodborne for PC for a long time. In August 2020, it was revealed that a big playtest round was done the previous month, that the port was practically finished, and that it will apparently not run above 60 FPS. As always, more leaks, and the weather, they will finish corroborating the information.

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via: XboxEra