The presentation of AMD Zen 3 will take place at CES 2020

The presentation of AMD Zen 3 will take place at CES 2020

It is an open secret that AMD has been preparing the 4th generation Ryzen processors (as well as the third generation of EPYC processors for a server based on the “Milan” architecture that will happen to the current “Rome” and that will still come in MCM format) and that the CES would be the scenario chosen for its presentation, and the Taiwanese newspaper now comes to confirm it, only that the Novelty is that they do it in a written and printed way.

By the way, it seems that AMD is interested in developing a HEDT version of the Milan architecture for the fourth generation Ryzen Threadripper family, with the code name «Genesis Peak«, And that would bring many of the benefits of powerful server processors to the desks of ordinary users, although it is true that we will have to see at what price they do it.

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Zen 3 would be accompanied in its presentation during CES

Most of the segment for consumers will be addressed by two different types of development, “Vermeer” and “Renoir.” The Vermeer processors will be of the MCM (Multi-Chip Module) type and will succeed the Matisse architecture, implementing the Zen 3 chiplets. Renoir, meanwhile, is expected to be monolithic APUs that would combine Zen 2 cores with an iGPU based on Vega architecture, with an updated and improved graphics engine with Navi.