The robot spider will explore Australian caves protected by UNESCO

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Thanks to a group of students from the University of Adelaide, a unique robot spider will explore Australian caves. It is the final version of a total of 15 iterations of a robot called CaveX, which was created specifically to safely and effectively perform 3D scans of vast and difficult terrain.

The robot will explore Australian caves. This is the CaveX inspired by spiders

There are stalactites, stalagmites and prehistoric fossils in the world that must be treated with respect for the secrets they hide and the answers they provide. They are located in Southeast Australia, more precisely in the Naracoorte Caves in a national park that has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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We look at the surface of the cave to find new cave entrances that will hopefully lead to new fossil deposits. This will help us expand our knowledge of the fossils that are here [w tej jaskini – dop. red.]

– said Craig Williams, one of the PhD students who worked on the project, in an interview with .

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The secrets hidden by these caves are currently being targeted by local scientists who hope that the 3D scans made will lead to new discoveries. However, fearing violation of the local natural environment, researchers decided to create a robot that will plunge into these caves, walking like a spider on its six legs.