The State Duma held a hearing on the development of the digital economy

The State Duma held a hearing on the development of the digital economy

At the July 8 meeting, participants discussed a digital signature, electronic workbooks, the development of digital technologies, and regulatory issues.

On July 8, the State Duma held parliamentary hearings on the topic “Issues of the development of the digital economy”. At the meeting, in addition to deputies and officials, industry experts also spoke. The participants of the hearing confirmed that the draft law on cryptocurrency regulation will be adopted before the end of the month.

As Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov noted, digital technologies make it possible to provide medical services and access to modern education in remote areas. In his opinion, it is necessary to achieve a balance of technological development and the social consequences that it bears.

“We have the seventh place in the world in terms of the degree of people’s involvement in the digital economy. 86% of the Russian population use the Internet every day. […] Russia has all the prerequisites for embedding in the digital world as a leader, ”said Akimov.

According to the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin, a bill on digital signatures is already under consideration in the State Duma, along with a bill on the creation of electronic duplicates of paper documents and on the permanent storage of electronic documents. In addition, the government has already approved a bill on electronic workbooks. As noted Oreshkin, this decision can stimulate the growth of employment and incomes of citizens, “especially outside large cities.”

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The meeting in the State Duma also discussed the implementation of the national project “Digital Economy” and plans to introduce fifth-generation communication technology. According to the Minister of digital development, communications and mass communications Konstantin Noskov, several 5G zones will appear this year. Four zones will be deployed in Moscow, and by the end of 2021, the fifth generation network will appear in ten million-plus cities. Noskov also spoke about plans to introduce the Internet of Things:

“It is important for us not only to stimulate the development of this sphere, but also to ensure technical safety. We have the opportunity to create domestic developments in this area. ”

Konstantin Noskov said that in just six years the state will allocate more than 280 billion rubles to support high-tech business.

According to the head of the tax dispute practice at MEF Audit Dmitry Kirillov, the existing legislation, including the issues of electronic signatures, has gaps that have been successfully used by fraudsters. To eliminate these shortcomings, the government is currently exploring the possibility of introducing several documents that will improve the safety of citizens and reduce costs.

“I agree with the general opinion of the speakers of the hearings that digital technologies are very sensitive to regulatory errors, for this reason it is important to ensure the high quality of the bills, even if at the expense of the speed of their adoption. At the same time, the protection of personal data should not be sacrificed for global digitalization, ”noted Kirillov.

According to the report of the partner of Taxology Law Firm, Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Legal Support of the Digital Economy of the Moscow branch of AYUR Mikhail Ouspensky, the technology of the distributed registry can reduce the time from selling a ticket to the airline to receiving funds from 10 days to 27 seconds. He also noted that the introduction of the blockchain is possible in almost any sector of public services that requires documentary registration or confirmation.

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Ouspensky noted that one of the critical obstacles to the introduction of the blockchain could be the lack of an appropriate legislative framework. The expert finished his report with the words that “the blockchain is the new oil of Russia”.

Earlier it was reported that the bill “On digital financial assets” is ready and should be adopted in the second reading before the end of June. However, this did not happen and now the signing of the bill is expected in July. Now the government decides on the status of cryptocurrency and whether they will be equated with foreign currency.

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