The Telegraph: Putin’s ultimatum put the European Union in its place

MOSCOW, 10 Sep — PRIME. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning forced the European Union to abandon the idea of ​​imposing a gas price ceiling, writes Tom Rees, a columnist for The Telegraph.

Media: “hellish plan” of the West against Russia did not work

“Brussels did not begin to limit the price of Russian gas after Putin’s warning about the suspension of supplies in the event of such a decision,” the material says.

Rees recalled that at the last meeting, the ministers asked the European Commission to develop a detailed plan to ease tensions in the energy markets. The journalist stressed that today Europe is experiencing an acute crisis, which was caused by a sharp rise in energy prices, as well as their shortage.

“Ministers in Brussels are urgently trying to prepare for a harsh winter,” summed up The Telegraph columnist.

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the 7th Eastern Economic Forum

Putin jokingly threatened to leave the EU without energy resources

At an extraordinary meeting on Friday, the heads of the ministries of energy of the EU countries discussed additional measures that could be introduced in the EU due to high energy prices, and the possibility of limiting prices for Russian gas was also announced among them. There was also discussion of a proposal to oblige consumers to reduce electricity consumption during peak hours and to introduce limits on the income of companies that produce electricity at low costs and receive windfall due to high prices.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on ideas to limit prices for Russian energy resources, said that the West is not in a position to dictate its terms to Moscow. He urged Euro-Atlantic leaders to come to their senses.

Western countries are faced with an unprecedented rise in energy prices and a surge in inflation after the imposition of sanctions against Moscow and the policy of abandoning Russian fuel. As a result of the rise in fuel prices, primarily gas, the industry in the United States and European countries has largely lost its competitive advantages, which has also affected other areas of the economy.

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