The Trilogy includes a VR mode that was never finalized

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy continues to talk about, and it is that now it has been discovered that the game I was going to be ready for the Virtual Reality glasses, but it seems that this idea was abandoned. Of course, despite not offering this feature, they left the average work to do integrated into the game. Basically, through a command line for the Unreal graphics engine, this VR Mode can be activated, which allows us to enjoy the game in a first-person experience.

Some comparisons of the original games versus Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

To activate it, you only have to install a mod that when pressing the F10 will allow you to enter the debugging console. Once inside, you have to write “GTA.VR 1“That alone is already active, although it is indicated that it does not work very well when it comes to shooting or in melee fights.

“There is an Unreal debug command for GTA VR but it seems a bit unfinished. Maybe it would be cool if they implemented it as a first person option? It plays pretty well. Shootouts and punches will have to be tweaked, that would be super cool to do! some screenshots! “.

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