There was CyberDog from Xiaomi and now comes the Robot Unicorn from XPeng

There was CyberDog from Xiaomi and now comes the Robot Unicorn from XPeng

Some time ago, Xiaomi presented its “dog of the future” and now another Chinese company has presented us with a futuristic pet. This is a robotic unicorn from XPeng.

Robot Unicorn – a robotic unicorn from XPeng

XPeng is a famous Chinese company specializing in the production of electric vehicles. Their new idea also belongs to this category, although it is definitely more… unusual. The concept of the device called Robot Unicorn was presented. This four-legged robot is shaped like a horse, but the horn on its head (as well as the name) clearly indicates that it will be a unicorn.

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The company used its knowledge in the field of automatic driving, as well as taking advantage of many intelligent functions that will allow their device to avoid obstacles, recognize terrain and objects, and provide users with “emotional interactions”, which probably would be helped by the “face” of the robot, facial recognition or voice recognition. However, this robotic unicorn is aimed at younger users who will be able to ride it without any problems.

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XPeng will also use machine learning, which will not only help in ensuring safety and quality, but also improve interaction with the user. Currently, unfortunately, not much technical information has been disclosed about this device. We know, however, that the Chinese company has begun an intensive search for specialists in areas such as automotive or AI. They are looking for them not only in China, but even in the United States. Probably, therefore, it can be expected that the possible distribution of the robotic unicorn will not be limited to China either.