They fired a rocket this year. We bring 5 cryptocurrencies that unexpectedly got into the TOP 10

The world of cryptocurrencies has been full of perhaps the most optimism since the beginning of the year in recent weeks. In addition to bitcoin, records are gradually being attacked by other large cryptocurrencies, including the second largest ether, and with rising prices, more media attention is sticking to the world of digital names.

However, it usually focuses only on the biggest events and players on the market, and many beginners have no idea about other cryptocurrencies with great potential.

However, a huge number of retail investors have entered the market over the past year, buying hundreds of millions of euros of cryptocurrencies over the past year through various platforms and mobile applications of individual exchanges, including those they had never heard of before this year.

In this article, we therefore decided to present the few cryptocurrencies that only reached the top of the rankings this year, and investors trust them especially for their great potential.

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Recall that we have included in the list only cryptocurrencies that have been included in the TOP 10 cryptocurrency rankings according to the market capitalization monitored by the platform. CoinMarketCap.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Perhaps everyone already knows the largest giant in the world of cryptocurrencies today, the Binance stock exchange. However, it is much younger than bitcoin or other known cryptomens and came on the market “only” in 2017, with its launch co-financed Founder Changpeng Zhao also through the ICO (initial cryptocurrency supply) now known and currently the third largest cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB) worth $ 15 million.

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By comparison, the BNB was offered 10 cents (USD) per token during the initial supply of cryptocene. However, it is currently trading for more than $ 480, with the highest price being reached in May, when it traded for an incredible $ 690. However, the BNB only got into the TOP 10 largest cryptocurrencies this year, with its year-on-year growth currently standing at more than 1,500%.

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Binance Coin is an integral part of all ecosystems and projects of the Binance exchange, and it is mostly used in cryptomen trading as a foreign exchange asset, which also contributed to the astronomical growth of its price. The BNB is based on the blockchaine Binance chain, where it also serves as the native currency for transaction fees or token conversion.

The BNB’s maximum stock is 200 million coins, of which 166,801,148 are currently in circulation. At the same time, Binance performs coin burning every quarter, ie a process in which a certain number of tokens are sent to the wallet address, or the so-called A “black hole” whose private key does not belong to anyone.

This is a way to reward cryptocurrencies for investors for their loyalty, with Binance’s ultimate goal being to halve the BNB’s total offer, to the final BNB 100 million.

Solana (SOL)

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