They were never sold more expensive. Both bitcoin and ethereum demolished historical highs

The cryptomen market is currently breaking one record after another. Just yesterday combined value of the cryptomen market for the first time in history, it exceeded the market capitalization of $ 3 trillion, and today the historical tables are rewritten by a pair of the strongest cryptocurrencies.

As he informs Bloomberg, bitcoin, the largest and most famous cryptocurrency, has risen 3.6% in the past 24 hours to jump to $ 68,513. It thus beat its October high of October, which was $ 66,974.77.

The second strongest cryptocurrency – etherere – recorded a slight increase, but it was also enough for a new record – ether was sold for $ 4,840 during trading in Asia.

The total market value of cryptocurrencies has reached about $ 3.1 trillion – maybe so deduce based on data from CoinGecko, which tracks the prices of more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. The fact that the cryptocurrencies are currently doing exceptionally is also evidenced by the overall data from the past months. Bitcoin has grown by more than 130% this year and ethereum by about 550%, he reports Finance-yahoo.

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Increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency

“The crypto market is growing at a dizzying pace, ”TASR quotes SwissQuote analyst Ipek Ozkardeskaya. “Part is, of course, speculation, but part is real. “ he said in an interview with AFP. He further noted that cryptocurrency is becoming a traditional source of funding. One of the reasons for their strengthening is the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies among ordinary investors.

Bitcoin ETFs began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in the second half of October. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF with the BITO symbol monitors forward bitcoin contracts, such as Chicago’s CME, and is a more accessible tool for ordinary investors to invest in bitcoin.

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