This cabinet with a holographic panel allows you to reproduce 3D images on its side

AMD Radeon Pro W5500 Graphics Card x
AMD Radeon Pro W5500 Graphics Card

During CES 2022 several companies presented new case designs with different novelties ranging from a front panel with 18 openings that open based on the temperature of your PC to modular cases similar to LEGO, and if this was not enough, Showcase PC also joined the party presenting two new cabinets with holographic panels capable of projecting 3D images.

The Solo cabinet allows for a hologram to be reproduced on the side panel, while the Duo cabinet also adds a second hologram to the top. Said holograms are generated through the use of fans with 224 LEDs on their blades that they spin fast enough to fool the human eye and thus appear to generate “3D” images, a widely used technique, although never before in a PC cabinet.

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This device has 8GB of internal storage to store the animations that it will project and includes a remote control with which we can switch between different files without much effort. In addition, company representatives commented that control via Wi-Fi could be added in the future.

Showcase PC was showing off these new cases to CES 2022 attendees, and many were impressed by the image quality that these devices can achieve. The demonstration included images of game characters, objects and even a portrait of a person, to show the full potential of these “holograms”.

One drawback of this “hologram” playback system is the size of the 3D projection mechanisms. While the fan blades aren’t overly large, the base module takes up significant space limiting the space to fit other more important PC components. It will be interesting to see how much they bother to put a PC inside, since all the models shown were completely empty.

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The “SOLO” cabinet is based on the NZXT H510

The Showcase PC “Solo” case is actually a modified NZXT H510, being compatible with mini-ITX, micro-ATX and ATX sized motherboards. The original case is quite good, although the addition of this system to generate the “holograms” can limit the space to place the graphics card or even interfere with air coolers that are quite high, so you will have to be careful with this when choosing the components that it will carry inside.

The Solo Hologram model can now be reserved through the Showcase PC website for $299 and will be available from June 2022. The Dual Hologram model will arrive in December and can be reserved for $499.

What do you think of the 3D images of Showcase PC’s holographic panel cases? Does the idea seem good to you or do you think that because of the size they occupy it is not worth it?

Source: Tom’s Hardware.

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