This is not a photomontage – it is a real giant mechanical elephant with passengers


In France, there is an artistic project Les machines de l’île, operating in the old buildings of the former Nantes shipyard, where ships were once built and today offers attractions for tourists. One is a veritable steampunk mechanical elephant made of wood and steel that can “walk” with 50 passengers on it.

A giant mechanical elephant in France

The reference to steampunk is no coincidence, because in fact all the activities of the Les Machines de L’Île amusement park focus on this atmosphere. This hybrid of an art installation and an amusement park is inspired by the writer Jules Verne. No wonder then that the installations seem to be resurrected artifacts from 19th century science fiction.

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One and at the same time the main attraction of this park is a mechanical elephant measuring over 12 meters. He moves his eyes, head and trunk with a water cannon, and even his legs, although this is only a visual addition to the whole performance, because he moves only with the use of large driven wheels. In the park, this elephant transports up to 50 people and covers the entire length of the park in 30 minutes.

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