This is what Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs would look like according to new leaked renders

The “Moore’s Law Is Dead” channel continues to reveal new information about Arc Alchemist, the first line of dedicated GPUs to be launched by Intel in early 2022, and in this case revealed several renders of what the reference design of the top model of the machine would look like. line.

From what the renders show, this reference version of Arc Alchemist will have a case with a metallic finish similar to that of the DG1 developer version, although now with a much larger size and dual-fan cooling, since it will have a considerable consumption to reach the performance of an RTX 3070.

Speaking precisely of consumption, we can see that it has an 8-pin PCI-E power connector plus a 6-pin one, which can provide a total of 225W of power. If we add the 75W of the PCI-E connector we see that the graphics can consume a maximum of 300W, although since a margin is always left, it is most likely that it will not exceed 250W.

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To make it clear that it is an Intel model, this design will have the company’s logo on its side, which will be illuminated with a blue LED. We see that the fans also have blue LED lighting, provided by a ring that runs along its circumference.

Desktop models will arrive later than expected

MLID also discussed the arrival date of the Arc Alchemist desktop line, and the news is not encouraging. It seems that the date of the first quarter of 2022 only referred to the laptop models with a smaller DIE, and the desktop models will arrive in the second quarter instead of the first, so we will have to wait a little longer to see them in the market.

If this additional wait is compensated with more stable drivers and the extra time is taken advantage of to produce more units and have a launch with good stock, obviously this delay will be accepted, although if not, it can play against Intel for delaying the product and not meeting expectations. To know which of the two possibilities ends up happening, we will have to wait a few more months.

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What do you think about the reference design of the Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs? Would you like it to be marketed or would you choose a custom design from an assembler?

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