This virtual model can replace professionals?

This virtual model can replace professionals?

Virtual model conquers the world. Can the work of graphic designers replace human models?

Modeling is not as easy work as it may seem. Professionals must follow diets and keep their bodies in the best shape possible. In addition, there is a need to have a few acting skills that will help in any posed photos or short videos. Should such people become concerned about their jobs? Where did this idea come from? Meet Imma.

Looks like a lot of other models who do their job well, right? There is only one detail. He is not human.

Imma is the product of computer graphics who know very well how to achieve realistic appearance of characters. A digital person has an account on various social networking sites where he repeats that he wants to attract people to fashion shows. A few clicks are all it takes to position your face perfectly. I wonder what the future of professional models awaits? The twenty-first century is slowly developing.

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