Thunderbird 91.3.1 – Important fixes and changes

Thunderbird 91.3.1 – Important fixes and changes

A new version of the open source Thunderbird email client is now available. Thunderbird 91.3.1 is available for all supported operating systems. Existing installations will eventually be upgraded to the new version, thanks to the built-in automatic upgrade system. Thunderbird users can check the installed version by selecting Help> About Thunderbird. If the main menu bar isn’t showing, try holding down the Alt key to show it.

The page that opens displays the current version and runs a search for updates. Any updates that are found will be installed.

New users can download the latest version from the official Thunderbird website.

Thunderbird 91.3.1

The Thunderbird team lists four changes and a good dozen fixes on the official release notes page.

When it comes to changes, there are several that may be important to client users.

Thunderbird users, who have plugins installed, may notice that the email client will run plugin update checks automatically after updates once Thunderbird 91.3.1 is installed on the device.

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The extensions that are installed in Thunderbird are set to check for updates automatically by default. Thunderbird users can disable this in the preferences.

The new check for updates after update installation is designed to reduce the impact of Thunderbird updates on installed extensions. Sometimes Thunderbird can introduce changes that can interfere with the execution of extensions, unless they are updated.

Another change in the new version of Thunderbird is that it now supports adding new search engines via URL. Search engines can be added through Tools> Preferences> General> Default Search Engine.

thunderbird add search engine

The FileLink message template has been updated in this release. The team removed the Thunderbird ad.

The latest change removes the attachment count for OpenPGP public keys.

The following fixes are mentioned:

  • Mac OS X stability improvements
  • Thunderbird showed new mail pop-ups while full-screen applications were running.
  • Thunderbird did not support messages with the non-standard encoding “koi8r”.
  • Thunderbird opened PDF attachments in Firefox while composing emails.
  • The offline setting set to “ask me for online status (at startup)” disabled plugins.
  • A click on the links beginning with addons: // in the plugin manager prompts you to choose an application, rather than opening it internally.
  • The address book drop-down menu in the Contacts sidebar could not be read in Windows.
  • VCard attachments were not showing when online view for attachments was enabled.
  • Import of ICS files with TODO elements failed.
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Now you: What version of Thunderbird are you currently using or do you use another email client?