Tom Clancy’s The Division will be bundled with Geforce graphics cards

Including a game when buying graphics cards is a common phenomenon, especially when it comes to AMD Radeon, but Nvidia is also in the habit of trying to attract customers to its range in connection with large game releases. It now appears that one of the year’s most anticipated titles will be bundled with Geforce graphics cards.

The blog Videocardz publishes what is by all accounts an official presentation from Nvidia. The picture shows that Ubisoft’s upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division will be included in the purchase of the graphics cards Geforce GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti for desktops, as well as Geforce GTX 970M and GTX 980M on laptop front.

It is not clear when Nvidia’s The Division bundle will start, but it will probably be close to the game’s launch on March 8. The promotion will only apply to participating retailers and as long as the codes are sufficient.

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