TON Platform Introduces Gram Test Wallet for All Major OSes

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Telegram Open Network (TON) platform by Pavel Durov introduced the compiled Gram test wallet for ordinary users. Versions for Windows, macOS and Linux 64 are available.

To start using your Gram wallet, simply install it on your computer. The application will prompt the user to record and save 24 secret words that will be used to gain access to the wallet in case of a device change or during recovery. Then the user needs to set his own password.

The wallet interface is extremely simple. A section with settings is available in it, where you can set just a few parameters – automatic version and configuration file updates. In addition, users can change their password, back up the Gram wallet and delete the wallet. What is lacking is the ability to independently generate test Gram tokens for operations.

Information for developers, instructions and the source code of the wallet are published on Github.

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Recall that in October Telegram introduced the first version of the rules for using the Gram cryptocurrency wallet, which was developed to store the tokens of the same name. Just two weeks before the scheduled deadline, the launch of the TON platform was postponed to April 30, 2020 due to a lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which considered the Gram tokens “securities”.